About Us

Sin Miedo is Spanish for "Fearless" and it is also the name of one of  the best Salsa ocherstra in Washington DC. Led By French pianist Didier  Prossaird, the name sums up the band's attitude towards music. Sin  Miedo has been performing in the DC/Baltimore area for the past 20  years, collaborating with Salsa greats Tito Allen and Frankie Vasquez,  touring the US and abroad with the Washington Ballet, playing for  musical theater in many of Teatro Gala's productions and providing Salsa  music for the hottest dance night is the Capital. The repertoire of the  band includes the Salsa classics of the 70's to today as well as  original music with Spanish and French lyrics.

Sin Miedo has  released four albums: "Mama Linda" in 1999, "La Clave" in 2002, "Estoy  Enamorado" in 2009 and "The New Salsa Standards" Live in DC in 2011.

"Sin  Miedo is a truly international group that makes the Afrocuban rhythms  of Salsa jump into your blood stream and move your hips around" (Eric  Brace/Washington Post)

The Band

Didier Prossaird (Keys vocals)

Alfredo Mojica (Percussion Vocals)

Antonio Orta (Sax)

Manuel Memo Pelayo (Sax and Flute)

Scott Gearhart (Trumpet)

Hector "Coco" Barez (Percussion)

Fernando Ventura (Drums)

Athus Delima (Bass)

Contributing artists:

Steven Falcon, Gary Sosias, Steve Sachse, Christian Gonzales, Rene Ibanez, Carlos Dias, Max Rosado, Fran Vielma, Patrick Noel. Giancarlo Rodriguez.